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Off the beaten Track

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Climb aboard a 4x4 for an all-terrain tour of the Algarve's countryside. With your 4x4 chauffeured by an experienced driver, you'll zoom off in convoy, bouncing down rural tracks, across rivers and past peaceful fig, orange and eucalyptus groves. You'll make regular stops at off-the-beaten track villages and interesting places en route, where you'll discover more about the region's flora and fauna and traditional culture. There's even a chance to snap up some local handicrafts as mementoes, too. After a break for lunch, you'll head for a small distillery where the locals conjure up their beloved ‘medronho' liqueur. Flavoured with the berries of arbutus trees, this fruity liqueur is still made as it's always been, in big copper stills. You'll probably be invited to try a sip or two of the powerful tipple, too. Then it's time to trundle back through the hills on your way home. A great outdoor adventure.