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Fascinante mundo submarino

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Good visibility and loads of fish makes the sea around Kos perfect for diving, so if you fancy giving diving a whirl, this is your chance. It’s a bite-sized taster that doesn’t tie you down to a fully fledged course. First things first, you'll be given a brief classroom session introducing you to the sport. Then you'll zip up your wetsuit and get to grips with your facemask and air tanks in some shallow water. And after that, it's time for your first dive. Accompanied by an instructor, you'll head for a local diving site where you'll get acquainted with the underwater world and swim through shoals of tiny fish. You may even spot bigger critters like moray eels, bream and octupus too. Its a great way to get started, if you're an experienced diver meanwhile, we can arrange more advanced PADI packages and diving trips to suit you - just ask for details.