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Entrada al museo DDR

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The DDR Museum is an unique and specific museum and with more than 580.000 visitors per year one of the most-visited museums in Berlin.

Experience history in a vivid, interactive and playful way: The DDR Museum offers you a hands-on experience of the everyday life of a state long gone, the life in socialism. Visitors are welcome to broaden their knowledge in different thematic areas, to reconsider existing clichés and to have a hands-on experience of history. Exhibits are there to be handled - few are kept in glass cabinets. Everything waits to be touched and experienced: Open the drawers and closets, rummage through them and discover!

The smell of the Trabi is still originally GDR-like: take a seat, turn the ignition key, eyes front, foot on the gas pedal and here we go! Typical engine noises of the Trabi and a simulated ride through the concrete-slab housing estate give an impression of what it was like to go for a ride in such an original.

There is much more to discover in the DDR Museum: watch TV in the authentic GDR living room, rummage through the drawers of the Karat wall unit. The spice reg in the kitchen still smells of back then and the pressure cookeris still standing on the stove. There are documentaries for the visitors to watch in original GDR movie chairs and it is possible to replay the football game "GDR vs. FRG" by oneself or to dance the Lipsi. All this is peppered with the most important information about every topic.

Interactive, playful, vivid, entertaining and scientifically well-founded, the DDR Museum offers you the opportunity to experience the GDR everyday life yourself.

Meeting/pick-up point: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1.
Duration: Free visit.
Start/opening time: 10am.
End/closing time: Saturday: 10pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday: 8pm.