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Yoca en Mikonos

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Relax, breathe and flow into the island’s sacred and revitalizing energy. Sunset Vinyasa will give the yoga lover an opportunity to experience their practice from the most unique vantage point Mykonos has to offer. In a beautiful and open setting above town asanas will be performed in seamless sequence on the grounds of Castle Panigirakis, directly in front of the historical island of Delos. A once in a lifetime opportunity, participants will revitalize and flow on one of Greece’s most picturesque islands during sunset, while facing one sacred to mythology.

Based on the hatha yoga (vinyasa breathing) system of Ashtanga, Sunset Vinyasa will be taught at a beginning level, but modifications to intensify the asanas will be given. And so yoga lovers of all levels are encouraged to attend and lend their positive energy to the practice. Following Savasana, guests will make their way up to the third tier of the castle for fresh fruit and organic tea in the spacious open-air bar.

Duration: One hour.
Start/opening time: From Moday to Friday, at 7.30pm approx. Meeting-time subject to changes according to sunset times.
Languages: English.