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Wawel Castle and Vistula River Cruise

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A cruise on the Vistula will provide a visitor to Cracow with an unforgettable and relaxing experience, away from the crowds of the streets and the hustle and bustle of the city center.


* Save money with this package
* 1,5h Castle guided tour with 1h River cruise

The cruise begins in the harbour right at the bottom of the Wawel Hill and leads towards Saint Salvator's Church, along the Vistula boulevards, the Monastery of the Norbertan Sister, Saint Margaret's Church, up to Saint Salvator's Church; the boat turns round at the Monastery and the cruise continues towards Kazimierz. Participants of the cruise can see the Wawel Hill with its Cathedral and the Royal Castle, the Wawel Dragon's Cave and the Church of St. Stanislaus.

After or before the cruise you can participate the Wawel Castle tour with English-speaking guide. You join small group, up to 20 people and visit Royal Chambers. After the visit in the Chambers - you will see the famous Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‚Lady with an Ermine.

Meeting/pick-up point: Wawel Castle: 25 Kanonicza Street, in front of Dlugosz House. Please look for the person with DiscoverCracow sign. Vistula river cruise: Vistula River bend at the height of Bernardynska Street.
Duration: 1.5 hours each activity.
Start/opening time: 1.45pm for the castle tour. Cruise to be done before or after.
Languages: English.
Others: Frequency: Tue, thu and Sat.