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Verona and Lake Garda

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The land of star-crossed lovers, Verona was the setting for Shakespeare's most famous tragedy. As such, everything about the place whispers amore. Sweethearts stroll hand in hand through cobblestone alleyways. Young Romeos scribble love notes in sun-dappled piazzas. And lovers cosy up in cafés as church bells chime each passing hour. Visit Via Cappello to see Juliet's house and THAT balcony. It's said that if you rub the right breast of Juliet's bronze statue, you'll be lucky in love. The centrepiece, though, is the Arena. Built by the Romans, it gives the Colosseum a run for its money. In fact, it's better preserved and is still used today as the city's opera house. Not far from Verona lies Lake Garda. Winston Churchill painted here. Greta Garbo posed here. And DH Lawrence dubbed it the most beautiful place on earth. And it doesn't take a genius to work out why. One look at the mountain-backed mass of water and you'll feel your heart skip a beat. Factor in terracotta toy towns, the odd Medieval castle and lemon groves that shower the place in scent and you'll be well and truly smitten yourself.