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Tour Jeep Natural Pool Medio Dia

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If you are looking to get away from the white, sandy beaches for a bit and explore the rugged Aruban outback, take a private tour with one of our open-air Land Rovers for a heart-racing adventure. Said to be Aruba’s roller coaster, this is the most thrilling and yet safest way to get to the island’s secluded treasure, the Natural Pool, which offers beautiful snorkeling.

Your adrenaline will pump as our First Response certified tour guide takes you on a wild ride through the rolling hills of the countryside. With twists and turns at every corner you’ll be glad to have an experienced driver who also knows where to stop for photo oportunities.

Highlights include the California Lighthouse, named after the U. S. ship that sunk two years before its construction, Alto Vista Chapel - the first Roman Catholic Church in the island, built in 1750 and reconstructed in 1953, Gold Mill Ruins and the Baby Natural Bridge and Ruins.

This is one off-road adventure you will not experience elsewhere, as the trip includes historical, cultural, and intriguing facts about Aruba projected over the PA system. An assortment of goodies and refreshments are provided along the way.

Pick up/Meeting point: Hotel Lobby
Duration:4.5 hours
Start or opening time: 9.00am and 2.15pm
Languages: English.