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The Super Tour of NYC

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The Super Tour of NYC will lead you to New York City’s best filming locations where your favourite comic book heroes from The Avengers, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Jessica Jones and more, saved the day! On this guided sightseeing bus tour you will see over 40 NYC locations featured in your favourite super-powered TV shows and movies. So put on your capes and grab your shield as your tour guide leads you through the most filmed city in the world.

Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Opening/ Start time: At 12pm.
Opening days/period: On Saturdays and Sundays.
Languages: English.
Medical restrictions: If you require wheelchair access, call before making your booking to arrange a different bus.
Required documentation: Valid photo I.D.
Others: Please call up at least 48 hours before the tour to re-confirm attendance (between 9am and 5pm).