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Rent a Boat

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We offers speedboats for hire, and this is a great opportunity for YOU, your friend and family, to add variety together with an unforgettable excitement on your vacations. We operate on high standards in all stages of a speedboat rental offering quality services so our clients experience a once in a life time vacation.

Our company offers you the opportunity to visit some or the wonders of Halkidiki which are accessible only by boat, visits in places not easy to describe but easy to capture through photos and videos, (e.g. the island of Kelyfos) while swimming in the crystal clear waters of its famous blue sea, in private, is a unique, once in a life time, experience! Our staff are professional instructors with great experience and knowhow on speedboats which are responsible for your training for driving and handling the speedboat, before your departure, informing you properly about the sea regulations and the use of safety equipment, in case of an emergency situation, on board.

Duration: 10 hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am.
End/closing time: At 7pm.
Min. Age: Adults from 18 years old can drive the boat.
Others: No license is required for handling a motor boat under 30hp.