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Red Sea Cruise from Sharm el Sheikh

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How good does this sound? You’re sprawled on deck drenched in sunshine. Gentle waves lap around you. And cooling breezes waft through your hair. It’s all yours for a day on this great value cruise over the sparkling Red Sea. Join us on our spacious snorkelling boat and soak up the views over colourful coral reefs and the rugged Sinai mountains. As you sail along, your boat will drop anchor for three snorkelling and relaxation stops. Grab a mask and let your snorkelling guide lead you over rainbow-coloured reefs. Swim through clouds of exotic fish. Or just lounge on deck, topping up that tan. And as the finishing touch, you’ll be treated to soft drinks along the way and a tasty on board lunch before sailing back. With all this, it’s easy to see why the trip has won a Thomson Award of Excellence. A fantastic day out for all the family.