Private tour to Perge and Aspendos

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Walk the roman roads as you travel back in time to the days of togas and chariots with a visit to the classical city of Perge, once a bustling roman port. Your day is not complete before moving on and exploring the splendid Aspendos Roman theatre which is still in use today.


*Visit to the Roman Baths in Perge
*Explore on foot the other Roman treasures of Perge
*Trip to the world´s best preserved Roman theatre at Aspendos

Start your excursion in the morning with a visit to Perge, one of the largest ancient cities of the Pamphylia region, the city that was once the capital of this region. Walk like a roman as you wander the colonnaded street and the Agora, visit the Roman baths and the Stadium and marvel in the remains of the Nymphaion.

A trip to the Aspendos Theatre, the best preserved of all Roman theatres, that dates from the 2nd Century AD and has a capacity for 15,000 will leave you in awe. It is still in use today as a concert and festival venue and is the most incredible demonstration of Roman design.

The tour involves a lot of walking to truly experience the magical history of Perge and so the tour finishes mid-afternoon to allow time upon your return to relax and reflect on the wonders you have seen.

Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel.