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Private Tour to Lago Valley

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Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 2 personas

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This is a trip to the most beautiful alpine valley, which means all around is just nature: mountains, waterfalls and rivers, opportunities for mountain climbing, fishing, and biking, hunting, teats tourism.

Guests are stopped in:
The third largest city in Slovenia. Celebrity is certainly Celje castle from 1322 years in which is the seat of the Counts of Celje, the most important noble family in Slovenia. After the extinction of the Counts of Celje city take into their own hands Hasburzani.

Certainly the biggest and most beautiful arboretum in Slovenia with over 200 thousand millions of tulips and flowers.
The real idyllic park of flowers and ethnological objects surrounded by the river Savinja and pond on the other side.
Logar Valley with a waterfall Rinka has approximately 85 km and is certainly one of Najleppsih alpine valleys in Slovenia. 7 km long valley because of its natural beauty and attractions protected as a nature park where there is the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia otherwise per second (Rinka 105 m).
One could say that the valley rights alpine idyll that in addition to natural beauty, attractions and offers rich, premium tourism (gastronomic) services.

Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up at the hotel.
Duration: 8 hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am.
End/closing time: At 5pm.
Languages: English.