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Paseo en cano en el lago Furnas y a caballo por Mata Santa

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Meeting at the supplier’s office and departure for a Full day program with canoeing in Furnas Lake and horse riding in Lagoa. The activity begins with Canoeing in Lagoa das Furnas. During the tour you can make a short stop to enjoy the volcanic phenomena across the lake which manifest in the form of fumaroles and boiling waters. In this area, and due to the volcanic activity, the local cook in the ground the traditional Portuguese Cozido (stew). After lunch (in the parish of Furnas), we head to “Quinta da Terça”, in Livramento. The tour is conducted through secondary roads, flanked by old dry stone walls, in the direction of "Mata Santa." Here we find, among other plants, jars, eucalypts, acacias and laurel. In "Mata da Santa" we pass near the place where rests the patron saint of animals.

Duration: Nine hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am.
Languages: English and Portuguese.
Others: The locations and weekdays are subject to change if they do not offer the required conditions for the activity or for any other operational reason. For the canyoning in particular clients should bring footwear that can get wet (preferably trekking shoes- no flip-flops), a spare pair of shoes and spare clothing for the road trip home.