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Moscow Metro Exclusive Tour

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Moscow metro is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world (or even the most beautiful) and if you still don’t know why is that, you should definitely consider taking this tour as it is something completely worth exploring.

A subway is a subway right? An underground train that takes you from one place to the other and not much more. Well if you think that about Moscow metro, you couldn’t be more wrong, as it could be easily considered a museum, and a very rich one in terms of art and architecture.

On our private tour you will find out that its first stations were built back in 1930s and the main idea behind the construction was to make of it “palaces for people of USSR”.

Your personal guide will take you to 4 most old metro-lines: red, blue, green and brown ring line. And you will discover amazing secrets and stories attached to this mean of transportation in the Russian capital; like the depth of the stations, Stalin’s speech in November 1941 or the secret Metro-2, an alternative subway system supposedly built during Stalin’s rule and that might never confirmed or denied by the metro officials.

While walking you are going to be amazed by the size and luxuriousness of each of them with theirs amazing statues and mosaics! So don’t think further and book this amazing guided tour that will take you through the most astonishing subway stations in Moscow and explain every detail you need to know.

Duration: 2 hours.