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La ciudad de Quito por la noche

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A simple walk through the city is no longer enough. Explore each of its corners at your own pace from the your hotel stop or the nearest one, enjoying deeply those issues that are of your interest: music, theater, architecture, living cultures, cuisine, crafts, photography, shopping, tourist attractions and unique landscapes, but above all, to share the heritage of our people and unique experiences in our city, is the Gray Line proposal as your local expert .... Welcome to Quito City Explorer !!

Each member of the Gray Line Team is a "Local Expert" in our destination, and a true representative of the cultural richness of the country, so we think that a native guide from our company would be irreplaceable by a pre-recorded audio system.

If your interest is to discover Quito by Night, take the route starting at 18:30 from stop # 1 (Vivarium / Parque La Carolina / Hotel Howard Johnson) and visit the historic center of the city, since its illuminated churches are worth seeing. Then choose a good restaurant from our recommended choices and have a great dinner or if you prefer, you can enjoy Quito´s nightlife at Plaza Foch Stop # 7 (Plaza Foch) or the Floresta neighborhood, stop # 6 (La Floresta).

Meeting/pick-up point: The first stop of the route is at Vivarium, Parque La Carolina, however you can get on the bus at any of the stops on the route.<
Start/opening time: At 6.30pm, 8.45pm and 10.45pm (from the first stop).
End/closing time: At 10.15pm, 10pm and midnight depending on which tour you take.
Languages: English and Spanish.
Others: Included at no additional cost in: One Day, 2 Day & 3 Day pass.