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Half Day Boudhanath/ Pashupatinath

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The other great stupa of the Valley and indeed, the largest in all of Nepal, is BODHANATH stupa. It is situated on the flat land to the east of the Valley. BODHANATH'S great size and its red, white and blue – painted eyes give it a striking appearance. The great stupa of Bodnath was built in fifth century. The site around the present day stupa was an overnight camp of Tibetan businessmen. The Tibetan Merchants used to offer prayer at the site where there is stupa now. Today it is the principal centers of Tibetan culture outside of Tibet. Several Buddhist monasteries have been built up recently in the immediate vicinities of Boudhanath.

The periphery around the stupa is also popular for Tibetan Jewelry, hand-woven carpets, thankas, masks, khukuri knives and many more Tibetan products. A whole day can be spent over here observing the beauty of this huge stupa from different view –angles and the roof top restaurants.

Pashupatinath is Nepal’s most sacred Hindu shrine and one of the subcontinent’s great Shiva sites. The supreme holiness of the site stems from the Shiva lingam enshrined in its main temple and its location. It expresses the very essence of Hinduism as pilgrims, priests, devotes, temples, ashrams, images, inscriptions and cremation ghats intermingle with the rituals of daily life, all sprawled along the banks of the sacred Bagmati River. The temple’s origins are obscure, an inscription dates from 477, but a shrine may have stood here for 1000 years before that. Non Hindu are not allowed to enter premised of the temple.

Pick up/Meeting point: hotel lobby at 9.00am and 2.00pm
Duration: 3-4 hrs.
Start or opening time:9:30am, 2:30pm
End or closing time:1.00pm, 6.00pm
Others: Entrance Fees no included.