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Dubrobnik en la palma de tu mano

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Get picked up in our fabulous electric tuk tuk as we start at the portside market in Gruz harbour. Gruz harbour is the main maritime entrance to Dubrovnik, a busy port for yachts, ferries and cruise ships.

One of the harbor’s most popular attractions is the daily fruit, vegetable and fish market. It’s situated on the harbor side, near the ferry terminal. Try some of the region’s specialties, including locally made goat cheese, olive oil and wine, and buy fresh local produce such as figs, tomatoes, oranges and cabbage.

See how the local villagers and fisherman work and live. We will continue our tour across Dubrovnik’s bridge from where you can enjoy the view of the harbour and many beautiful nearby islands. We save best for last – Srdj Mountain. Its height is 412 metres, the top of which is adorned with "Fort Imperial", built in 1806-1816. Hold Dubrovnik in the palm of your hands and be amazed by the breath-taking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and the numerous islands. Experience local Dubrovnik with guides born and raised in Dubrovnik.

Meeting/pick-up point: At Luka Gruz.
Duration: 2 hours.
Start/opening time: at 8:15am or at 11:20am.
Languages: English.