Delicious dinner in top Alanya restaurant

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One of the best restaurants in Alanya, Red Tower has been open since 2005. The aim of Red Tower is to do something which is not present in Alanya at the moment and create a place to leave in happiness for either the citizens of Alanya or tourists. We produce the beer symbolizing a culture over the world which is the first in Alanya. You will definitely find one compatible with your taste among the two types of homebrewed beer.

One of the most important priorities in the project was to create a place that we could meet all demands of our guests. Red Tower was designed as a total of six floors and a garden. The entrance floor has a bar, second floor has an international kitchen and fish specialities and the third floor has Kale Yolu Turkish Restaurant while the sixth floor as Sky Lounge Sushi Beer. During summer, our garden has a capacity of 200 people.

You can find the opportunity to listen live music with guitar at 7.30pm every night. Free pick-up service available. There are two menu options: Menu 1:
Two Turkish starters (meze)
Beef Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Chocolate Cake

Menu 2:
2 Turkish Starters(Meze)
Grill SeaBass with Small Salad
Chocolate Cake
Any request outside of the above is extra