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Conociendo a los Dabbawallahs

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Drive to the Churchgate Railway Terminus to see the `Dabbawallahs’, members of the Bombay Union of Tiffin Box Carriers, described by Prince Charles as the symbol of this enigmatic and intriguing city. Each morning, the 2500 dabbawallahs call on suburban housewives who pack a freshly cooked lunch into small circular aluminium or stainl ess steel containers - `dabbas’.

Typically the dabbawallahs collect 30-40 boxes, range them out on a long pole and cycle to the nearest station. Here he hands them over to a fellow dabbawallah who then transports them into the city for delivery to the consumer. Over 100,000 lunches of maybe sabze (vegetable curry), chapattis (Indian bread), dal (lentils) and pickle, make their way daily across town to the breadwinner and back again. The service which costs a few rupees a week is a good example of the fine division of labour in India, reliable and efficient for the dabbawallahs pride themselves on never losing a lunch .

Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up at the hotel at 7am.
Duration: Three to four hours.
Start/opening time: At 7.30am.
Languages: English.