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Bronx walking tour in German

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New York’s tough guy image was forged in The Bronx where they wear their notoriety with pride yet this perception belies the borough’s many attractions, from the warm-hearted locals to the spectacular sights like $1.5billion Yankee Stadium and picturesque parks, not to mention an unbelievable variety of ethnic restaurants. The Bronx is in many ways the essence of New York.

The Bronx is a borough of diverse ethnic groups and neighbourhoods and of great cultural institutions. It is also an area of surprising natural beauty with one quarter of the borough is devoted to open space with rolling hills, parks and parkways. On a peninsula the size of San Francisco, the Bronx is the only New York City borough attached to the US mainland. Woodlawn Cemetery is the final resting place for the likes of Miles Davis, Joe DiMaggio and Edgar Allen Poe among many notable others. This designated national historic landmark is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world, set amongst magnificent park-like surrounds.

See Yankee Stadium, home of the Bronx Bombers in the South Bronx, the area also known as the birthplace of hip hop. We will enjoy the real Little Italy where locals gather to play Bocce in the public park and where the best Italian food and coffee in the city may be found. Be surprised by this five-hour walking tour of the Bronx where you will witness the unexpected accompanied by your friendly, informative and entertaining guide.

Meeting point: Madame Tussaud's (42nd Street).
Duration: Approx. 5 hours.
Start/opening time: Fridays at 10am.
Languages: German only.