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Berlin Tour

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Discover one of the most fascinating and interesting cities in Europe that played a vital role in the division and unification of Western and Eastern Europe in the 20th century.
Enjoy a day trip to one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Berlin, a city steeped in history old and new, has undergone some dramatic changes since the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

The capital of re-unified Germany has emerged as the heart of Europe’s cultural, commercial and political life.
Take our all main sites walking tour and you will walk underneath the Brandenburg Gate, visit the government quarter with the Reichstag Parliament, stand over the exact location of Hitler’s bunker, pass through checkpoint Charlie, touch the Berlin Wall and much more.
In addition to the most exciting and interesting sights you will see architectural masterpieces, hear real life stories, be surprised by Berlin’s oddities and get a historical insight into why this city is so unique.
Discover Berlin with us in one fun-filled action-packed day.

Includes transport, 3-hour guided walking tour of Berlin, refreshments. Please remember to bring your ID/passport.

Meeting/pick-up point: If the client wants to be picked up at the hotel he/she must call 24 h before to confirm pick up time, otherwise the departure point is at the Tourist Information Office, 14 Market Square and from 1st Dec 2013 at 2 sw. Jana Street..
Duration: Thirteen hours.
Start/opening time: At 7am. The customers must be at the meeting point 15 min before the start of the tour.