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2wentys West end Weekender

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This is a cracking way to kick-start your holiday in San Antonio. It's a mad Saturday night session in the resort's legendary West End, where chill-out bars and world-famous clubs are ten a penny. And introducing you to it all are our fun-loving 2wentys reps, who'll show you the hottest spots in town, setting your party radar for the rest of your holiday. After meeting up with our reps around 10pm, you'll spend two hours doing the rounds of some of the West End's top bars, enjoying a few shots, meeting new mates and getting into the party spirit. Then comes the best bit :a trip to Linekers Bar. Parked right on the seafront, this iconic bar is a pre-clubber's paradise of pumping tunes, laser light displays and funky outdoor areas overlooking the sand. Ease yourself in with a whole hour of unlimited, all-inclusive drinks from the bar between midnight and 1am. A genius way to get to know San An's coolest spots from those in the know.