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Wine and Cava Trail with Human Towers Experience - from Barcelona

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Leaving Barcelona behind you, travel in a luxury mini-coach with full air conditioning to the wine-growing region of Spain, El Penedès, home to several prestigious vineyards known locally as “cellers”.


* Enjoy a wine tasting session (still, sparkling and cava) in the Wine Capital of Spain
* Meet the locals, participate in the local activity and experience a Catalan festival
* See a human tower and form part of the tower base (optional)

Learn all about Cava, a high-quality sparkling wine, as you visit a family owned winery in Spain. Learn how the famous wine and cava (local champagne) are produced, from the first pressing of the grapes to the fermentation in the cellars. After touring the vineyards and cellars, take part in a cava-tasting session, savoring the exquisite notes of the local champagne. You will see exactly why Catalan wine and cava have acquired such international fame.

Continue the tour to experience a local festival. Spain, and specially Catalunya, is the land of traditions. In every single city, town and village there is a festival of some kind which gets all the townsfolk out in the street to celebrate. The most popular element in a city festival is “Castellers” or Human Tower Builders, who build up their best human towers in this special celebration. This is an opportunity for the community to gather, to participate and to celebrate a shared heritage. Castells (or human towers) have existed for over two hundred years and today it is still the liveliest popular expression of Catalan culture. This is a unique practice in the world and UNESCO has declared it Intangible World Heritage. Human towers can be up to 10-people high. Hundreds of Catalans of all ages take part, from 60-year-old veterans that help to form “la pinya” (the solid base of the tower), to the brave “anxaneta” (a child of no more than six years old) who crowns the tower.

Learn how important is courage, teamwork, spirit of improvement, self-esteem and teammates confidence in this traditional activity. Later on, you can have a go yourself! Entirely optional, the instructor will help you to form part of la “pinya” – the solid human base of the tower.

Meeting/pick-up point: Plaça Ossa Menor (in the Glories Shopping center), easily accessed from the entrance located in Diagonal Avenue, next to McDonalds.
Duration: Sunday tour - 6 hours. Friday tour - 7.45 hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am on Sunday, at 2:15pm on Friday.
Min. Age: Minimum age for cava tasting is 18 years.
Others: Small group tour with a maximum of 12 people ensures a more personalized experience.
Little snack together with the cava tasting included.
Minors will taste drinks without alcohol.