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Vist to Koprulu Canyon National Park

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The best journey for being a part of the nature in the Köprülü Canyon National Park which is the most spectacular place in the Mediterranean Region in Turkey. That is the best way to explore the fantastic nature of springs which formed the Köprülü River and has many specialties to be told about the flora and fauna of the Park.

After we pick up our guests from their hotels, we will drive to the first meeting point about 6 km far from the main road of Antalya & Alanya. There, after a short break of 20 min, we’ll move on up to Karabük bridge and stay there for a while for taking photographs and being informed about the area. After that, we’ll have another stop at the Ancient Bügrüm Bridge. Some more information will be given there, then we will take a walk for 1 km around the Oluk Köprü (The bridge which gives the name to area and river as KÖPRÜLÜ), which is not far from the path where St. Paul is said to have been twice to pass through the Taurus Mountains to the city of Antiochia Pisidia with Barnabas.

There you may want to take photographs of the beauty of the fascinating Köprülü Canyon and feel the freshness above the springs. Our walk around Oluk Bridge ends at the Rafting Start Point for applicants of optional rafting. If the weather conditions are suitable, the applicants will be (for free) rafting for 2.5 km. on the calm part of the Köprülü River with experienced Guides. While applicants are rafting, the rest of you will be back on the bus and heading to the restaurant 3km away. After the rafts arrive, our lunch is going to be served.

During the lunch, we’ll have a little course of making Sumacs Salad, Cacik (made of yoghurt, garlic and chopped cucumber and served as a side dish) and a special recipe of Trout Fish on a barbeque.

Then, we will have our lunch which includes fish or chicken kebab (optional) salad and Turkish rice (boiled and pounded wheat). After the meal, we will drive up to the Canyon before driving back to the first meeting point for a short break then continue to the hotels.

Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Duration: 7 hours.
Start/opening time: At 8:30am.
Languages: English.