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Visita a Berat

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After meeting with the guide, you will be transferred for approximately 2 hours to the Museum city of Berat. The town of Berat is one of the most ancient towns of Albania, 2400 years old. Lying on the banks of the Osumi river, and overshadowed to the east by the Great Tomorr mountain 2415m,is an ancient Illyrian settlement founded in the 4th and 5th centuries B.C. on the territory of the Illyrian tribe of Desaretes. Its innumerable monuments and the beautiful and characteristic architecture of its houses have proclaimed Berat, a “Museum Town”. The houses on the fortress have typically two stories, with the upper storey slightly overhanging and rich wood carving within. With their wide facades and large windows, they seem to be built almost on top of one another, giving Berat its name of “The City of One–Thousand Windows”.

Your visit will start with a walk from the Gorica old bridge for some 20 minutes to come back to Mangalemi quarter from the new bridge. A walk in the newly built boulevard will follow the tour before you continue the visit to the Castle of Berat located on top of the hill overlooking Berat town. You will embark back on the Bus to continue the tour in the Castle of Berat which involves a bit of walking in uneven surfaces, cobblestone streets and a bit of inclination. Once inside the Castle first we will continue towards the Museum of the Icons for a visit.

National Museum Onufri is located in the center of the inhabited quarter in Berat medieval castle. It is organized in Virgin Mary cathedral, built in 1797 on the foundation of an older church with the same name. It bears the name of the most remarkable Albanian painter, Onufri, who left a very rich fund of iconographic creation.

Finishing the visit at the museum, a traditional lunch from Berat is a must after a tiring day. You will be welcomed in one of the restaurants located in the old quarter of the castle to try different specialities cooked in a traditional way from the local house family especially for you. After lunch, a short walk to the view point of 15 minutes will follow to have some nice views of all the quarters of Berat before your transfer back to Durres for another 2 hours’ drive.

Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel Arvi.
Start/opening time: At 8am.
End/closing time: At 4pm.