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Visit to Vesuvius

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Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 2 personas

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The tour departs from Naples and stops in Pompeii for a second pickup. Here, you will enjoy a traditional Neapolitan pizza at a local restaurant. After lunch we will reach the entrance of the Vesuvius National Park, where a path of 30 minutes takes directly to the crater.

A spectacular drive with amazing views of the bay of Naples. You will walk along the crater with a volcanologist guide. Mount Vesuvius overlooks the Gulf and represents the city of Naples in every postcard.

Vesuvius is an active volcano of explosive type and is still considered the second most dangerous volcano in the world.

Meeting/pick-up point: Main hotels of Naples City Center at 10:30-11am.
Drop-off location: Main hotels of Naples City Center at 3-3:30pm.
Duration: 4 hours.
Opening days/period: Daily.
Languages: English.
Not included: Vesuvius entrance fee.