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Tour de Medio Dia a Tarragona y Bonavista

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Tarragona has some stunning Roman architecture. It has been recognised by UNESCO and is worth a visit. We guide you through the city which offers a number of historical sites including churches from several different periods and a well preserved Roman colosseum. The boulevard ends at a palm-fringed terrace overlooking the second-century Roman amphitheatre, the beach and the sea beyond. We also visit the magnificent cathedral “Santa Tecla” (incl.) The town itself has the usual Spanish assortment of plazas sprinkled with cafes and tapas bars.

Bonavista – bags of serious shopping time at the largest local market in Costa Dorada. This is a must for all bargain hunters. Enjoy the hustle and bustle around the brightly coloured stalls of Bonavista. On offer you will find ceramics, lace, tablecloths, handbags, shoes, clothing, music, toys and many other souvenirs as you rub shoulders with the locals, but don’t forget to haggle!

Duration: 4 hours.
Start/opening time: Approx. 8:40am.
End/closing time: Approx. 1pm.
Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, French and German.