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The House of Dancing Water

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Envisioned by Mr. Lawrence Ho, Co-Chairman and CEO of Melco Crown Entertainment, and personally created and directed by the world's greatest showmaker Mr. Franco Dragone, “The House of Dancing Water” is a creative masterpiece blending the best of the best entertainment elements from both East and West. A never-been-seen-before production that combines theater, dance, gymnastic artistry and high-performance diving, all of which push the physical boundaries of human performance and which leave audiences amazed and astounded.

With a 270-degree view theater, be thrilled from every perspective: zoom onto the performers from a special angle at C Reserve, get up close and personal at B Reserve, or sit back and enjoy a panoramic view at A Reserve. Limited VIP Reserve tickets offer the theater’s best view with a complimentary drink and chocolate.

Talented team and performers
Elites from 18 countries, including 77 international top performers, dancers, stuntmen and musicians are gathering here to give the breathtaking show. The backstage and water setting are operated by over 130 professional training of technical personnel. Rehearsals of this show had taken in 2008.

Franco Dragone Entertainment Group
Franco Dragone Entertainment Group, the world’s most spectacular showmaker, which had made a large-scale and overwhelming concert ---“A New Day” for Celine Dion, writing a new chapter in Las Vegas' entertainment industry. There have been over fifty-four million people in the world watch the show made by Dragone. The House of Dancing Water is now become another breathtaking masterpiece from it.

Duration: 85 minutes.
Start/opening time: At 8pm.
Others: Tickets are automatically allocated via ticketing network on a 'next best available' seating system.