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The French Art of Seduction

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Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 2 personas

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Paris inspires thoughts of love and romance. It's the heart fluttering capital of the world - the city for lovers, where romance is stirred in the hardest of souls! On this tour you will wander through the heart of Montmartre with a connoisseur of romance. They will show you how, with its bohemian atmosphere and fabled views, Montmartre is the perfect spot for declarations of love.

See where romance blossomed at sites such as the Galette Windmill, a former open-air restaurant with a dance floor where risqué liaisons were nourished in the 19th century. Go to the "I Love You Wall" to see how lovers from across the world celebrate their union, and visit Studio 28, which relives the days of those tear-jerking romantic films everyone loves.

Your guide will explain the French language of love and share advice and some tips on how to excel in the art of seduction, French style.

Meeting/pick-up point: Exit Louvre Metro Station.
Duration: 2 hours.
Others: The tour includes tastings.