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Sample a different country with a day trip to our Greek neighbour, Rhodes. With its sandy beaches, whitewashed villages and rich history, it’s Greece at its best. After we’ve dropped you at the harbour, you’ll sail to Rhodes Town, the capital. With its picturesque harbour, new town and walled old quarter built by the Knights of St. John, it’s packed with attractions. Gaze at the well-preserved medieval architecture of the old town. Sights to tick through include the Street of the Knights, the gigantic Palace of the Grand Masters and 15th century Hospital of the Knights. Then once you’re done with history, explore the cobbled passageways - they’re filled with little squares, fountains, churches and shops selling local handicrafts and Greek delicacies. Or head for the new town’s pavement cafes and chic boutiques. Why not try a Gyros – a Greek style kebab – meat, a little salad and chips all wrapped up in pitta bread. And don’t miss the chance to see Mandraki harbour. Home to luxury yachts and waterfront cafes, was once home to the legendary Colossus of the Rhodes. Look out over the boats and imagine this massive statue more than 30 meters high. During the 3rd century BC, it bestrode the harbour and ranked as a Wonder of the Ancient World. And to round this perfect day off.
What is included: Catamaran, Transport, Port Tax.
what is not included: Meals, Drinks.
Tour details: You should have comfortable shoes, money, passport, cameras, cap and take a cardigan and sweatshirt in April, May & October. You can buy duty free on your return to Turkey. Customers need euros to spend in Greece.