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Recorrido por la ciudad de Iquitos

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This excursion will allow you to know the tourist attractions of the city such as: historical buildings and monuments, cultural- artistic exhibitions as well as appreciate beautiful landscapes. Iquitos is a prosperous, vibrant jungle metropolis teeming with the usual, inexplicably addictive Amazonian anomalies. Unadulterated jungle encroaches beyond town in full view of the air-conditioned, elegant bars and restaurants that flank the riverside; motorized tricycles whiz manically through the streets. Mud huts mingle with magnificent tiled mansions; tiny dugout canoes ply the water alongside colossal cruise ships.

This tour includes the visit of the Plaza de Armas (Main Square), the Plaza 28 de Julio and Palacio de Justicia. On the way back, you will pass by the local market and the Casa de Hierro (iron house) designed by Gustave Eiffel. Finally, you will visit the Museo Etnográfico Amzónico, where you will see life-sized fiberglass casts of members of various Amazon tribes. You will find the Biblioteca Amazónica onsite as well.

Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: One hour.
Start/opening time: At 10am and 2pm.
Languages: English and Spanish.
Others: This tour is not recommended for people with physical disabilities due to lack of access. In order to book this service the following information is required: complete names, date of birth, passport number, nationality, language, arrival date and the hotel where passenger will be staying.