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Private Side Discovery

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Situated on its' own peninsula and flanked by golden beaches on both sides, this ancient site holds many archaeological wonders. Admire marble Roman ruins and the Temples of Apollo and Athena –reputedly the site of Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s romantic trysts and explore Side’s majestic ruins including the city gates and walls and the aqueducts which brought water from the Taurus Mountains.

Visit the old baths which have been turned into a museum, where some of the statues and treasures found locally are exhibited, or marvel at the impressive 15,000 spectator Roman theatre, unlike any other antique theatre in the region in that it is not built against a hillside, but supported with a series of arches.

See also, a triumphal arch, fountains, an agora and many more historical treasures, scattered around the old town before driving on to the Manavgat waterfalls, where you will witness how the white, foaming water flows powerfully from a low height over the rocks covering a wide area whilst you enjoy tea by the water´s edge in a shaded garden.

Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel Pick-up.
Start/opening time: 9am.
-End/closing time: 1:30pm.
Includes: Transfers, guide, one glass of orange juice or tea.
Dress code: Please wear comfortable shoes.
Others: We advise you to bring a camera and some extra money.