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Maracajau & Parrachos reef - Mask & Snorkel swim

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After the pick up at the hotels around 06 am, the transport goes towards to Maracajaú, located 70 km from Natal (1:30h travel time, on average), where we will find all the excitement and natural beauty of a beach still untouched by the urbanization. The departure time is at 08 am, but can be anticipated as it depends on the tide conditions. If the departure time is earlier, a breakfast will be offered.

Before embarking on the catamaran that will take us to the natural pools, it is possible to choose options like the Buggy ride or quadricycle ride to be performed after the return. Before boarding you can also decide if you want to take a baptism dive to get a more special view of the natural pools. The boat ride to the reef lasts around 20 minutes.

It is also possible to purchase the baptism dive option (not included) to do during the tour! Known as the Brazilian Caribbean, diving in the Parrachos, reef formation of 15 km and an average of 3 meters deep, existing 7 km from the beach, is the great attraction, where "floating" make up the infrastructure of the tour and are incentive even for those who have no experience in this activity.

After spending an hour and a half at the reefs, we return and we have about 2 hours to enjoy the optional rides and have lunch (not included). There are many options - pasta, chicken, meat, fish, and desserts.

Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up at the hotel.
Duration: Approximately 8 hours.
Pick-up time: At 7:15am.
Drop-off time: At 4pm.
Languages: Spanish and Portuguese.
Opening days/period: Tuesdays and Fridays.
Min. Age: 7 years.
Includes: Roundtrip Transfer to Most Hotels in Natal, professional tour guide, schooner tour and snorkel and dive mask.
Not included: Food and drinks, Buggy ride (optional), quadricycle (optional) and diving baptism (optional).
Others: Please note that the specific departure time for this tour will be determined upon reconfirmation.
We recommend to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, swim suit, sandals, towel, hiking boots or tennis shoes.