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Italian Cooking Class

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What if returning from Italy you could show your family and friends, not only pictures, but your cooking skills too? Wouldn’t be great to impress them with a typical Italian meal you cooked yourself? Join our professional cooking class! You will gain unique techniques and the best tips to make a perfect Italian meal!

The class will start with a visit to the market: our Italian chef will help you choose the best ingredients. Once you got everything you need, we will move to the unique location where the class will take place, in the heart of Florence. During the four hour lesson, you will prepare a full Italian meal, from appetizer to dessert. We will first prepare all the needed ingredients by washing and cutting them. Our chef will show you how to make fresh pasta from the row ingredients and you will have the chance to knead it yourself! You will also cook the sauce (Tomato, Ragù Bolognese or Pesto), ‘bruschetta’ as a starter, a main course (seafood or meat) with a side dish, as well as a dessert!

Our chef will show you how to decorate your plate and you will finally have lunch with the amazing dishes you made. Lunch will be accompanied by a local wine, water or soft drink as you prefer. At the end of the class you will also get a Graduation Certificate signed by the chef, as well as the receipts for the dishes you made, in order for you, to try them again, back home.

Meeting/pick-up point: Montecatini: Train Station (train to Florence included); the train leaves at 8:20 and 09:10am; the tour starts from Florence, Via Cavour 21 Red at 10am.
Duration: Four and a half hours. Journey time about 60 min. (from Montecatini train station to Florence train station).
Start/opening time: At 10am in Florence.
End/closing time: Return Time at 2.30pm.
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian.
Others: Train ticket from Montecatini included. On Sundays and bank holidays - when the central market is closed – clients will enjoy a special introduction and extra tasting at the cooking class.