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Dinner in the Madonie Mountains

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The Madonie Mountains' nature reserve covers an area of 40,000 hectares. All vine-covered peaks, thick woodland and tucked-away villages, it offers up a snapshot of rural Sicilian life. You'll get to explore the region from the comfort of a coach on this tour, soaking up the views on your way to the hilltop village of San Mauro. This pretty medieval hamlet is set 1,015 metres above sea level, so you can look forward to breathtaking views over the valleys below. You'll have about an hour here to check out the old architecture and browse the little shops, before heading to the Trattoria La Possada in the village of Karsa. Here, you'll be introduced to some of the local specialities on a cooking course with Mrs Rosa. She'll demonstrate three different starters, using fresh seasonal ingredients, and you'll get to taste the finished product :alongside other Italian staples like pasta and meat :when you sit down to dinner. For the main course, you'll try a warm vegetable omelette with a tomato sauce. Once you've had your fill of local cuisine, there'll even be time for some dancing.