Beer in Melbourne- Guided Tour

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This guided tour through Melbourne discovers the city’s steep fascination with beer. The tour commences at the settlement point of Melbourne. From here we visit the site of the first pub and learn about the rogue settlement of the city. You will learn all about the outlandish colonial era rules governing drinking in the southern capital. We walk to Melbourne’s oldest pub before continuing on to learn about the growing voice of the temperance movement. From early rallies, alcohol bans at football matches and the famous six o’clock swill.

More recently, Melbourne has enjoyed more liberal licensing laws which have spawned the growth of a unique laneway bar scene in the city. We visit a venue which has benefited from these laws and taste another delicious Victorian microbrew beer. We also visit Melbourne’s most iconic pub as well as Melbourne’s largest brewery – Carlton United brewery. The tour concludes in Federation Square with a burger supper.

Tastings at 4 venues and a burger supper included.

Pick up/Meeting point: Immigration Museum Melbourne (400 Flinders St).
Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours.
Start or opening time: 6.30pm. Please contact the local supplier to confirm your trip 24 hours prior to departure.
End or closing time:9.30pm
Others: Please bring a bottle of water and prepare accordingly for local weather conditions. Umbrella and coats if necessary.