Agrigento y Piazza Armenia from Taormina

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Visit the best conserved Greek architectural site in the Mediterranean Basin: The Valley of the Temples, which is one of the most famous sites in Sicily’s UNESCO Patrimony. The Valley is amongst the most evocative sites of the Greek world and one of the most impressive complexes outside the Greece.

We will visit the temples which stand on the high ridge overlooking the sea, walking the Sacred Way and discovering the magnificence of the Concordia Temple, which was converted in a Christian church in the 6th century and because of that spared from much of the devastation which afflicted the site over the centuries. Also you will walk between the Temple of Zeus ruines, the largest temple built by the Greeks, destroyed to build the harbor of the near town of Porto Empedocle.

After lunch we will Visit the famous “Villa Romana del Casale” at Piazza Armerina which keeps the finest collection of Roman polychrome mosaics, depicting scenes of hunting and recreation, and also representing mythological and historical episodes.

Meeting/pick-up point: Taormina bus terminal at 6.15am.
Duration: Approx. 11 hours.
Start/opening time: Fridays at 6.30am.
End/closing time:
Languages: English.