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Paseo en un Fiat 500 y por las valles de Florencia y Chianti

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Drive through the Florence and Chianti Hills in a Fiat 500 on a panoramic tour to remember!


* Admire panoramic views over Florence and the Chianti Hills
* Fun and memorable convoy tour in a Fiat 500
* Choose a Tuscan winetasting or lunch option served in a picturesque Renaissance villa

Explore the Chianti countryside like never before, and get into the Italian spirit with a tour in a Fiat 500. Choose to finish your tour with a Tuscan winetasting or even a full lunch, all served up at a picturesque Renaissance villa in the hills around Florence.

We begin with an overview on how to handle these amazing cars before we set off into the hills on a private road through vineyards and olive groves on the grounds of a 15th century Renaissance villa. Tour through picturesque countryside enjoying panoramas filled with monasteries, before heading into Chianti countryside characterised by Tuscan farmhouses and cypress trees. We even drive down a section of the famous ‘Mille Miglia’ car rally. We make two stops around here: one overlooking Chianti Classico wine district and one where you can bask in the delightful panoramic views over Florence.

Whether you choose to end your tour here, or round it off with a winetasting or lunch, either way this is a fun, romantic and memorable experience. If you choose the winetasting option, we stroll through the Italian formal garden and then venture down into the cellars to learn about wine production and taste some of the finest Chianti wines, served with a light lunch of bruschetta and Tuscan specialities. With the lunch option, enjoy Tuscan food at a splendid Renaissance villa served by the pool, which you’re welcome to use (towels provided). Delight in a wine and oil tasting, and as there’s no more driving you can relax and enjoy the good company!

Duration: 2.5 hours. With tasting: 3.5 hours, with full lunch: 4.5 hours.
Languages: English.
Others: Children aged 0 – 2 years old are not permitted on the tour.
Driving Restrictions: To drive one of our vintage cars you must be a regular manual car driver. You must have a valid licence to drive in Italy. This is a licence from Europe. USA, or a licence written in the Roman alphabet (not in a language using other characters. eg. Chinese) accompanied by your passport. If you don’t have one you will need an International Licence, a translation easily obtained from your driving authority. You must have a credit card for the insurance documents. As a driver you have dedicated insurance cover included in the price. You must have held your licence for 1 year to drive any of the cars. All our routes are very carefully researched to enjoy quiet roads once we are out of town, whilst avoiding some of the busy major roads and complicated junctions. From the lead car the guide is linked to your car via radio, and will be entertaining you with information on what you are passing.