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Museo 3D Macao con traslados

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Ponte 16 Macau 3D Museum is the first large scale 3D museum in Macau and located at Ponte 16 Resort in Macau. The approximately 18,000 square feet museum has over 150 photography points in six theme zones, including MJ in 3D, 3D Jurassic World, 3D Macau Journey, Touch of French, Romantic Story, Chinese Culture and 3D Interactive Experience Zone. The 3D Museum offers visitors a chance to pose for interesting photos with the various exhibits and 3D paintings.

Points of interest:

MJ in 3D
The world’s first MJ exhibition which combines 3D artworks. Visitors can take photos in classic MJ scenes with this superstar. In addition, the venue provides MJ costumes, transforming visitors into MJ on the stage.

3D Jurassic World
With special sound and lighting effects, the dinosaurs from the Jurassic Period will come alive! Visitors travel back to Jurassic surrounded by a variety of dinosaurs!

3D Macau Journey
Ideas from Macau's famous attractions and elements. Through illusion technology, visitors can climb the Ruins of St. Paul, stand on the top of the Macau Tower, and overlook the night view of Macau, etc.

Touch of French
Based on the beautiful scenery of France, visitors can take photos with both nostalgic and modern French style 3D paintings.

Romantic Story
Share the romantic atmosphere with your dearest, visitors can create their own love story in the romantic scenes and experience the feeling of love. Chinese Culture
The zone is full of paintings with traditional Chinese culture.

3D Interactive Experience Zone
To bring an all-round 3D experience to visitors, the zone features interactive devices, including 3D interactive portraits, coins walls and digital reality technology.

Ponte16 Macau 3D Museum will bring you a brand new 3D experience!

Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel. Please confirm the time and location for pick up with 48 hours’ notice prior to the activity.
Start/opening time: 10am.
End/closing time: 8pm.