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La batalla de Bulge - Bastogne

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We leave Brussels at 07:30am and need only 90 min to reach the US cemetery of HENRI-CHAPELLE, where almost 8000 GI’s lay at rest, most of them died during the Battle of the Bulge. Then we continue along the north-eastern frontline and driving through the Nature Park of the Ardennes, we arrive in BÜLLINGEN/BUDGENBACH to admire the monument honoring the fierce resistance of THE BIG RED ONE, so important to delay the German offensive. Almost 500 GI’S lost their life here at this strategic position.

And soon we reach now Malmedy/Baugné. Here we pay our respect at the Memorial for the 84 American Prisoners, murdered by the SS. After our optional lunch stop in Malmedy, we call successively at the US halftrack in Stavelot before passing at Trois Ponts, where this branch of the German offensive was stopped as a bridge over the river Amblève was blown up by the US, and the famous German KING-TIGER tank in La Gleize. From here we follow the alternative road that was taken by the Waffen SS and reach the village of Cheneux, where a monument is remembering the heavy fighting resulting in the killing of 25 civilians and many military man from both sides. We cross the bridge over the river Lienne, another spot of heavy confrontation that ended when the US troops blew up the bridge. Next on our tour is the city of Houffalize, very severely damaged during the battle, but we can also see here an almost undamaged German PANTHER tank.

From here we take the highway straight to Luxembourg/Hamm to visit the US military cemetery where General G. Patton is lying at rest amidst 4500 US soldiers. Then we drive back in the direction of Bastogne, and our first stop is the spot where the ring around Bastogne was broken the 26th of December by Capt Boggess of the 3rd army. In the city center of Bastogne, we stop at the monument to General Mc Auliffe and the Sherman tank. A couple of minutes later, we arrive at the famous MARDASSON memorial and the new BASTOGNE WAR MUSEUM that you can visit (entrance to the museum is not included). Afterwards, we drive in the woods to see the remaining Foxholes – some of them are still well preserved thanks to the common efforts, and we make also a stop at the monument honoring the E company of the 101th Airborne. Then we return back to Brussels.

Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Start/opening time: At 7:30pm. Please be at the reception of the hotel 15 minutes before.
Duration: 12 hours and a half.
Languages: English.