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Fun at Playmobil

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This day out lets your kids meet life-size versions of their favourite plastic characters. Knights, pirates and a farmer will tower over your little ones as you make your way around the Playmobil FunPark and factory. It’s the company’s second largest factory and the only one where you can see the toys being made. You’ll be shown how the 3,995 different characters are brought to life, from a pile of plastic pellets. There’s also a chance to make your very own Playmobil figure. After the guided tour, it’s the part the kids will really love – the FunPark. There are themed indoor zones and an outdoor playground, where they can ride pigs, horses and crocodiles – all Playmobil, of course. And while they play, you can take a break in the cafeteria or browse the gift shop, which boasts all the Playmobil you, or your children, could ever wish for.