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Full day Kaikoura with Whale Watching cruise

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Originally an island, the Kaikoura Peninsula has over time been joined to the mainland by steep plains built up of debris swept down from the mountains by rivers. In Maori lore, the peninsula was the place where Maui braced his foot when he fished up the North Island and was named the seat of Te waka a Maui Maui's canoe. The name Kaikoura means ‘meal of crayfish’.

In 1843, Captain Robert Fyfe built the first shore whaling station near where his house still stands on its whale bone piles. Today, all marine mammals are protected in New Zealand and the whales are hunted with cameras instead of harpoons. Kaikoura has deep ocean canyons that provide a home to an exciting array of sea creatures, including the giant sperm whale. Whales live here all year round, making this one of the best places in the world for whale watching.

Meeting point: Christchurch accommodation.
Start time: 7.30am.
Duration: Ten hours.