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The Baba Nyonya Museum is also known as the Chung Keng Kooi Mansion. This was formally a private home belonging to a Chinese Kapitan who was the head of the Hai San secret society. Be amazed at how well this house has been restored. The antique furniture and woodwork is simply awesome. The Protestant Cemetery on the landward side of The Mansion deserves to be explored at leisure. Shaded by frangipani trees, it is the final resting place of Penang's European pioneers such a Francis Light and several early Governors. Penang's latest offering - ''The Chocolate Boutique'' brings you more than 80 different types of high quality chocolate from Beryl's. The mansion is divided into various chocolate rooms with different themes including Tiramasu, Fruits, Health, Sweetheart, Coffee, Panned Chocolate and Malaysia Collection. Stop at the Botanical Gardens for a stroll. The Botanical Gardens which is also known as the Waterfall Gardens was set up by the British in 1884. See native and hybrid orchids, cactus plant collection, varied collection of ferns, bamboo plants flowering trees and shrubs. The host, the long tail macaque adds some excitement to the visit.

Meeting/ Pick up point: At the hotel at 9:00hrs.
Duration: 3.5 hours
Start or opening time: 09:30hrs
End or closing time: 12:30hrs